About us

What is Tiny Soul Concert?

Tiny Soul Concert is an intimate encounter between music, friendship, and the simplest of all life pleasures.

Beyond endorsing talented new musicians, it also offers unpretentious experiences as a modest means of helping those in need. These are the fundamentals followed by a group of friends who, on a day like any other day, came together and decided to move towards a common idea: small, cosy concerts, strengthened by the power of friendship, human stories blended with the companion spirit of wine.

Tiny Soul Concert resolution is to embrace those who are part of our lives and hearts and extend some of this positive energy to everyone that joins us at every event.

Tiny Soul Concert transforms everyday spaces - like a living room or retail shop - into a captivating venue for secret, live shows, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together.

How does it Work?

  • Reservation

    Depending on the location the number of participants allowed may vary, so to grab an opportunity to attend to one of our gigs, register on the event page or send us an email to: [email protected].

  • Confirmation

    You will get the confirmation of your place in the gig by email. You can come solo but we would welcome you if you could bring as many friends as you can. This is also meant to be a social event to get people together.

  • Location

    We'll send you an email up to two days before with all theon how to get to the gig location and, when applied but not limited to, rules about the location. Come with an open mind, it's a perfect place and event to meet new people, and discover new artists.

How can I join and cooperate in an upcoming next Tiny Soul Concert?

Perform in a Tiny Soul Concert

    Do you have any originals music project and are you interested in sharing it with us?

    Tell us all about you and your music and be part of this journey.

    If you are interested in performing in one of our upcoming events please get in contact with us with some informations about you and your project to: [email protected].

Be a host of a Tiny Soul Concert

We are always searching for exquisit and intimate places (especially in the southbank of Lisbon Area). It can be a private house, a terrace, balcony, warehouse, art gallery, restaurant, etc… The sky is the limit… As long as it is intimate and special location.

If you are interested in hosting one of our upcoming events please get in contact with us with some informations about the place and location to: [email protected].

    What is the minimum fee to attend a Tiny Soul Concert?

    Tiny Soul Concert is a non profit organization, meaning that we do not sell tickets. What we do suggest a minimum donation of 15€ per guest to cover all the expenses of the event.

    If by any chance you are not able to contribute please expose your case by email and, depending on the location and number of attendees, there might be some available spots to attend the concert.


    All profits from each Tiny Soul Concert, up to now, reverted to a local charity, and throughout our adventure, we´ve supported several charities, some of them suggested by the artists themselves, with a value of more than €5000.

    However, given that culture was one of the most punished sectors with the complete closure of all activities, we have decided to revert all profits to the performer in each Tiny Soul Concert.

    The costs from each event are the food and wine costs, PA system rental, and all costs related with the adaptation of each venue. A small sum will also be allocated to general costs such as domains, servers, and website. All the costs must be supported by donations.


    Due to possible constraints in each location, and also to maintain an intimate ambience for each event we would appreciate if you reserve for the exact people that are attending on behalf of your registration.  

    If by any chance you need to cancel or adjust your reservation please advise us by email.


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